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Water is what makes SoCal an improbable paradise

I just read Rivers in the Desert, Margaret Leslie Davis’s biography of William Mulholland, the man who brought water to Los Angeles. The reknown Otis and Chandler of 1905 or so belonged to a tightly knit syndicate that bought up land in the San Fernando Valley in anticipation of the Owens Valley aquaduct that would […]

Dear, Blogger, why has Allied disappeared again?

Dear Blogger, why has Allied disappeared again? I went to the site but it was blank. That has been happening a lot lately. Jeanene, the person whose site it is, has been remarking about how Blogger has been broken. I guess what I’m seeing is a broken site. Will you fix it? [note: I’d permalink […]

Orlando Sentinel on 2002 Shuttle Launch: Risks overridden

Today’s LA Times ran a story from the Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Cabbage about a previous Space Shuttle launch: Inspectors: Launch put public at risk. The launch in question was a while back: June 5, 2002. I remember it well. I attended that launch from the Banana Creek Viewing site. Everything appeared normal June 5, 2002, […]