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Announcing: Family Oral History Using Digital Tools

Long story short: I’m very pleased to announce Family Oral History Using Digital Tools, a site devoted to family stories– recording them, transferring them to your computer, and creating digital archive disks. How-tos, tools, techniques. Long story long: The idea for this site got its start about 6 years ago from a scrappy little cassette […]

Wearin’ o’ the green

Sheila Lennon writes about Danny Boy. [via Burningbird] Which reminded me of the Turtle Services Ltd guy who digitizes 78rpm recordings from early 20th century and publishes MP3s for personal use. There’s a St. Paddy’s page with an embedded mp3 recording of the song. The Turtle 78rpm jukebox has lots more Irish and St. Patrick […]

memewatch: Prankle

Prankle: It’s a term that’s on the rise. See how it spreads in Technorati. Because links subvert hierarchies (or something). Prankle is the new black. You heard right here, straight from the heart of the E- list.* *Is it more speshul if you’re on a vowel-list rather than a consonant list? If not an A-lister, […]

Michael Pusateri on Darknets

Michael has alengthy post on how the whole entertainment digital distribution problem is more complicated than it seems. Post inspired by the Darknets panel at SXSW. He works in the biz, so he knows whereof he speaks.