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“Apollo on food stamps”

That’s what Wesley Huntress—former Associate Administrator at NASA for Space Science— said in testimony to Congress about the 2007 NASA budget. Read this NYTimes story on gutting the space science budget. But back to Huntress. Here are two excerpts from his statement to the House Science Committee: NASA’s plans have been called Apollo on steroids, […]

To all Disney Staff from Executive Committee

Over at Engadget, they’re running a memo from Disney As many of you are aware, Disney recently acquired Pixar, which has resulted in changes to our corporate governance. …[W]e would like to share the following announcements, starting with changes to our trademark animated characters: Mickey Mouse has long been Disney’s most recognizable ambassador. However, our […]

The Online Works of Robert Burns

Och aye! The Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee: The Online Works of Robert Burns The Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee is pleased to present, as a public service to Burns devotees everywhere, the Complete Works of Robert Burns. These pages were developed from the Complete Works of Robert Burns EText provided by Project Gutenberg. All […]