Term coinage

Talked with my Dad a little while ago. The conversation was filled with some fun new vocabulary. The phrase that elicited Dad’s stories was “Digital Tools” (no, that’s not the new vocabulary terms)

flesh-peddler: a person who works in human resources of some form. Possibly related to a headhunter. The flesh-peddler in question visited my father’s office, and was trying to sell services and his access to personnel to help Dad’s firm do some task. In particular, this flesh-peddler extolled the virtues of his…

digical services. What is digical? It has something to do with computing and technology, but spoken by someone who doesn’t quite understand what he’s saying. The speaker mentions it with awe. Alas, flesh-peddlers who say “digical” don’t make lots of sales; maybe they wonder why people politely say, “no thank you” while trying to hide their smiles.

(I forgot to ask how long ago the flesh-peddler incident occured. Seems to me that it was a while back, before ‘digical’ stuff became ubiquitous) The topic shifted. To matters of health and prevention. Which brings us to our final vocabulary word for today:

bio-neurotic: A spoonerism that was supposed to be Nutribiotic (the makers of something called GSE, aka Grapefruit Seed Extract, an antibiotic-like formula made from Grapefruit Seeds. I can attest to its vile taste, which in and of itself has a good placebo effect… after all, if it tastes vile, it must be good for you, right? Right?)

But does it matter what the term was supposed to be?

Bio-neurotic is such a charming term on its own. It deserves wider usage. You can use it to describe so many things—the compulsive handwasher you know (Oh my gosh, did you see The Aviator? Howard Hughes was, like, *so* bio-neurotic. He was, like, always washing his hands, and he brought his own bar of soap with him everywhere he went!) or to debate the progress of defense against bird flu (Look, we’re not doing enough to prepare. I tellya, we need to be more bio-neurotic than we are right now. Now, here’s what I’d do if *I* were head of the CDC).