Fear of failure

A great meditation on “avoiding something I’ve always dreamed of doing” — Confessions of a C-Plus Novelist [via Traumwind]

As long as my novels remain unfinished and unpublished, they exist only in the Land of Imagination. There, they can cavort in eternal sunlight, forever protected from the harsh spotlight of reality. Because they are pure, sweet potential, they cannot be sullied by snarky comments from would-be critics. They cannot languish, unloved, in a pile of remaindered titles at Books-a-Million.

In other words, because they don’t exist, they cannot fail.

3 responses to “Fear of failure”

  1. Daniel Morris

    As I look up from the revision of my latest novel, all I can say is:  writing a novel is easy; rewriting a novel is cruel work. Best of luck!

  2. Katrina

    The fear is the same across the creative fields, regardless of the endeavor. I recently met a woman who gave up her dream of acting to teach drama for years. Now she is taking a Shakespearean acting class–which is where we met. But every session, she insists on focusing on how bad she is, how hopeless she is. She even confessed to me, “Maybe I should just focus on directing.” It breaks my heart to watch her turning her back on her dream–again–when the only thing standing between her and her dream is her fear. But I know from my own experience–my own battles with my fears as an aspiring actor–that sometimes it seems easier just to walk away than to take the risk. Thank goodness I didn’t. But getting my friend not to walk away…that’s a different story.

  3. Susan A. Kitchens

    Katrina, very profound observation:

    the only thing standing between her and her dream is her fear

    and Daniel, good to see you pop in here… and good luck with your revision endeavors. The hardest thing to do is the task set before you right now. Or so it would seem. (that’s from my limited p.o.v., having neither written nor revised a novel, but having done several other things)