United Dragon Movie Still- 1 Last night I went to Doc M’s and watched the TiVo-d Women’s Figure Skating Finals. Then I saw a bit of the late night coverage… and was Fast-forwarding through the commericals when I was intrigued by something that reminded me of the end titles for the Lemony Snicket movie, and I went back and played it.

I had discovered the United Dragon commercial. Amazing animation!! Am downloading the “making of” movie from that link (they’ve got QuickTime and Windows Media versions of both the commercial and the making of, and another animated commercial besides).

United Dragon Movie Still- 2 The style of it so reminded me of the end titles of Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events, which is the best! endtitles! ever! AMPAS has to invent a new Oscar category just to give the statue to those guys that did that sequence. Seriously. I don’t about care about Oscar bloat, it’s just that amazing.

Well, the Dragon commercial is in a similar style. According to this post by Jack Nack (an Adobe blog), Jamie Caliri did it stop-motion with real paper cutouts. Nack’s site also links to an interview with Caliri, and lo, Caliri mentions the end credits for Lemony Snicket, too. (I knew it!)

United Dragon Movie Still- 3 It was well past my bedtime when I saw that commercial (and Doc M was already asleep), and it kept me up late with visions of dancing visuals in my head, sparkling and zinging. I was wide awake in the best of ways: awed and inspired. I recorded the show just for that commercial, so Doc M could see what I was raving about. I don’t know if I’ll fly the airline anytime soon, but I’m so glad United is sponsoring beautiful creative work.

3 responses to “Dragon”

  1. Jamie

    Thanks for the plug!! The team worked so hard, we are having fun reading all of the great comments. (It’s Jamie Caliri not Jack)

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    fixed (thanks!) Jamie, I am SUCH a fan. Truly. You do amazing work. Can I wash your car or something? 😉

  3. Bro-ski

    Rerrrrrrhhhittt! (“Gabby” Johnson speak for “I agree!!”) That was my fave commercial (or one of the top at least) of the Superbowl series, and btw, Lemony Snicket was a great flick, too.