Friday Trock Giggles

Been meaning to post something about this for a while. I saw Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo a coupla weeks ago. Men dancing on pointe; it’s hilarious and amazing all at the same time.

The program is a gem; I’ll give you a coupla samples from it; if you like it, you can read more on the Trockadero web site (tho their text is all an image). Here are members of The Company:

Nadia Doumiafeyva was discovered by kindly peasants, adrift in a basket on the river Neva. Her debut as (sic) the Maryinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, was marred by her overzealous grand jete into the Tsar’s box, impaling a Grand Duchess. Banished from Russia, she made her way ardously to New York, where she founded, and still directs, the Ecole de Ballet de Hard-Nox. Her most favorite exercise is the warm-up consisting of a martini and an elevator.

Yakatarina Verbosovich [link] Despite possessing a walk-in wardrobe sdo large that it has its own post code, Yakatarina remains a true ballerina of the people. Indeed, she is so loved in her native Russia that in 1993 the grateful citizens of Minsk awarded her the key to the city. that might well have remained the “golden moment’ of htis great ballerina’s career had they not subsequently changed the locks.

Ida Nevasayneva [link], socialist Real ballerina of the working peoples everywhere, comes flused from her triumphs at the Varna Festival, where she was awareded a specially-created plastic medal for Bad Taste. Comrade Ida becaesm known a a heroine of the Revolution when, after effortlessly boureeing thorugh a mine field, she lobbed a loaded toeshoe into a capitalist bank.

Oh heck, just go to the artists and dancers page and read them all. There’s even a Manolo in the company; he wears toeshoes.