More fun with WebTools: phpThumb

Have transitioned out of WordPress (topic of most of today’s posts) and into ExpressionEngine.*

But this next note-to-self tool is Weblog App/CMS agnostic. If you’ve got PHP, you can use this: PhpThumb. PHP Thumbnail generator. Uses either ImageMagick or the GD library to do image processing on the server. So: upload one image, and have it make your teentsy thumbs for you. Check out the demo page to get a gander at what all phpThumb can do.

Hat tip to PXLated who pointed me to the EE discussion thread where light bulbs zing on and on.

*(By the way, have I mentioned how much I think EE rocks? It has a formidable initial learning curve, and my forehead’s gotten plenty purple while I’ve tried to figure it all out… the docs now include some basic let’s show you the mental model for how it all works. I can tell I’ve moved past initial hard learning curve cliffs as I tell the client, “Sure, I can whip up a flow-charty thing to help you with these three related weblogs/sections for this big ol’ something” and then did that as a quick one-off web page that asks Do you have what you need for step one? if yes, go on, if not, make a Step One Thingum… and populate it with content from the growing database of content… and do all that in pretty short order. And then sat back and said, “Da-yum! That’s mighty sweet!”)

3 responses to “More fun with WebTools: phpThumb”

  1. PXLated

    Glad to help with the lightbulb thing. I use phpThumb on almost every site I do.
    Your previous post (band) reminded me how I got into phpThumb. I played in a band back in high school and college, we were inducted into the Minnesota Rock Hall of Fame last year. I set up a reunion site ( ) and needed a way for the old non-tech band members to upload images easily. phpThumb was the ticket, saved me a lot of time. Also, with EE’s Stand Alone Entry Forms the old roadies didn’t have to get into anything complicated.
    Another little trick I’ll pass on is to have the non-techies use iPhoto (Mac), or Picassa (Windows) to get there images into somewhat of a usable size. Call it pre-processing. Most blogging software can only handle image of a certain maximum file size and it’s way smaller than either digital cameras or scanners can produce. With either of the mentioned programs, a person can choose to email a photo and choose the size they want to send. Have them choose 1024×768 and email to themselves. Once retrieved, they can upload that to the site with no problems. phpThumb then takes care of the actual sizing requirements for the site.

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    PXLated, thanks for stopping by. WordPress had a brain-fart and didn’t send me an email re: your comment for approval (first time posters hafta wait for approval). So it took a while for me to see your comment. I *now* have the thumbnail thing working. (Still gotta figure out the next step; it’s all the related tags and stuff).

    Your idea re: picasa is a good one. Client just got Photoshop Elements, I believe. But yeah, 1024 x 768 would do it all. I like the idea that I can dynamically resize all the main images if I decide that, well, really it should be a little smaller than it is right now. And having the ability to *still* do a pop-up detail….. it’s truly a lovely bit o potential there.

  3. HumanityCritic

    Just passing through, cool blog..