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More fun with WebTools: phpThumb

Have transitioned out of WordPress (topic of most of today’s posts) and into ExpressionEngine.* But this next note-to-self tool is Weblog App/CMS agnostic. If you’ve got PHP, you can use this: PhpThumb. PHP Thumbnail generator. Uses either ImageMagick or the GD library to do image processing on the server. So: upload one image, and have […]

Going Big

Jon at Blurbomat on Going Big [via dooce] For example, when I was in bands, we’d get pissy when another local band got to go to South by Southwest, or when another local band got a better time slot at a show, or recognized for some great work. Really stupid stuff that was very small. […]

Grrl does Java at the corner store, and discovers something

Java Jive: You know those financial people on tv–the talking heads that try to help you with your personal finances so that you’ll be able to retire one day? They all keep trying to wean us from our morning coffee from our favorite coffee shop. They keep saying things like “…that three dollars a day […]

While on the WordPress subject

… the Akismet spam plugin has nicely taken care of all that awful comment spam that was the bane of my existence a while back. Since I’m on a WordPress plugins roll, I might as well poke around for plugins that list recent comments in the sidebar so that any visitor to this site can […]

Improperly nested HTML tags in WordPress posts

I’m trying to find answers to this question, too. Half the battle is knowing which search term to use. WordPress wraps the contents of a post <p>in html tags </p>. Nice, as a rule. But I’ve got a site that uses WordPress’s Pages, and I want to give the person the ability to put headings […]

WordPress as CMS coolness: Page is home page

Here’s the plugin. Very simple. Create page, name it home (so that its slug is home) activate plugin. Done. related, tho different approach: WordPress Wiki: Making your own static front page