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I don’t mean to give anyone any ideas, but….

This is from the comment thread at the site which exposed the Bush appointee didn’t graduate from Texas A&M The Scientific Activist: Reporting from the Crossroads of Science and Politics: NASA Science Censor Resigns If a terrorist wanted to have easy access to federal buildings, all he’d need to do is pretend to be a […]

NASA public affairs guy (the silencer of scientists) quits after revelations that he’s a liar

24-year old George Deutsch resigned because he falsified his resume. No, he didn’t graduate from Texas A&M. Blogger Nick Anthis broke the story on his site, the NY Times confirms it in its story about Deutsch’s resignation. Nick Anthis: Deutsch’s former coworker informed me that in the summer of 2004, when Deutsch was the Opinion […]

Dang, my friend didn’t win a Grammy

The Grammy site is highlighting the winner of Grammys as it’s announced. Classical: Best Small Ensemble did not go to The Ancient Voices of Children. But Senator Barak Obama got a Grammy for spoken word.

Grammy Award Special Ceremony and Nominee Reception

Grammy Award Nominee Medallion (front) Originally uploaded by auntialias. I went to the pre-Grammy event… the Special Merit Awards (lifetime achievement, Tech awards, Trustee awards) and the nominee reception…. all thanks to my friend from high school —Kathryn Dupuy Cooper, who played oboe in a small ensemble, performing the George Crumb piece, “Ancient Voices of […]

2005 in cities: my brother wins the prize

My brother (known around these here parts as “bro-ski”) finally put together his list of cities for 2005. It’s long. 60 places. Near and far. sixty. yikes! I’m very glad I asked.