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Term coinage

Talked with my Dad a little while ago. The conversation was filled with some fun new vocabulary. The phrase that elicited Dad’s stories was “Digital Tools” (no, that’s not the new vocabulary terms) flesh-peddler: a person who works in human resources of some form. Possibly related to a headhunter. The flesh-peddler in question visited my […]

microsoft ipod packaging parody

See it at YouTube YouTube – microsoft ipod packaging parody. Via Matt Mulleweg, who commented “I’ll have to watch this nexxt time I’m working on a new website, less is more” …a statement which is slapping me silly as I’m trying to whittle away the chaff from the wheat on a design I’m working on.

Fear of failure

A great meditation on “avoiding something I’ve always dreamed of doing” — Confessions of a C-Plus Novelist [via Traumwind] As long as my novels remain unfinished and unpublished, they exist only in the Land of Imagination. There, they can cavort in eternal sunlight, forever protected from the harsh spotlight of reality. Because they are pure, […]

How many folksingers does it take to change a light bulb?

How many folksingers does it take to change a light bulb? [via Making Light (sidebar links)] There were seven yellow Gypsies all in a row They were brave and bonny-O One to change the bulb and one to tell the tale And there’s five to run away with the lady-O How many times must a […]

Some kids have blankets. Others, stuffed bears. But not Joe…

I love this little story about Joe’s notebook. But a notebook isn’t very functional if you write notes in it and then your two year old hides it.


Last night I went to Doc M’s and watched the TiVo-d Women’s Figure Skating Finals. Then I saw a bit of the late night coverage… and was Fast-forwarding through the commericals when I was intrigued by something that reminded me of the end titles for the Lemony Snicket movie, and I went back and played […]