Thanks, Al

Al Hawkins at code the WebSocket has been continuously reminding (Cajoling? nagging… in a good way… in the best way) to do regular backups. Thanks, Al… it’s an excellent cause, and the repeated reminders are good, because, well, it took a while for me to heed them.

[Al asks,] “By the way, have you backed up your hard disk today? And secured the backup in a location other than the back seat of your car?”

And here’s his post that explains the backseat bit. ouch.

my backup server

Mini and mini-stack, second drive placeholder, old jaz disks.

I recently got a MacMini, and then a 250GB ministack, and then upgraded the RetrospectExpress app on it to Retrospect Desktop. All that so it could become my backup server, and in the wee hours of last night, the first backup (in too long) came to pass. It’s very exciting. There are more initial backups to do—attached drives. I’m taking it slow-like, one drive per night, so that I may work on the computer during the day. Once the initial oof backups are done, then I can schedule those automagic incremental backups. Oh, and I’ll get a second huge drive for an alternate backup set, so I can do first one, then the other. In case one of those backup disks fails. Redundancy is a good thing.

All this in time to console Doc M, whose powerbook has just started acting mighty strange; he suspects imminent disk failure (There are two kinds of hard disks: Those that have already failed, and those that haven’t yet.) But during the fall, he, too, instituted a regular backup regime for all his computer boxen, so the latest series of events, while a pisser, isn’t an utter disaster.