How to deal with image stealers… one solution (and consequences)

About 6 months ago, I had an episode where I found someone who had inserted a link to an image from this site and served it off his page. Known as “hotlinking” it means that whenever a hotlinker’s page is loaded, I get a bandwidth hit.

I solved it by making a special image that said “stolen from” to serve up in its place… and then I altered my htaccess to just not serve up images to others (unless I grant you a special dispensation).

Just saw an instance where someone had an image stealer, and dealt with it differently by subsituting a different, er shockingly unexpected… image.

So what happens when a hotlinker links to another image, and finds that image substituted by some pr0n instead? The Ankle Biter @ tells the story in The Revolution Will Not Be Silenced.

3 responses to “How to deal with image stealers… one solution (and consequences)”

  1. /pd

    heheheh… we had this discussion a long time ago. remember dustdtorm in nmars ??

    I see that its a totally different equation now !!

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    yes, I remember. I added you into my htaccess so it could remain so on your blog!

  3. /pd

    …and I must say, that I really appreciate it. you are a true ‘friendly” :)-