An Iranian in Israel

Hossein Derakhshan, aka Hoder, an Iranian who lives in Toronto, is visiting Israel and blogging it. Lots in Persian, and some in English.

From his trip introduction:

As a citizen journalist, I’m going to show my 20,000 daily Iranian readers what Israel really looks like and how people live there. The Islamic Republic has long portrayed Israel as an evil state, with a consensual political agenda of killing every single man and woman who prays to Allah, including Iranians.

I’m going to challenge that image.

He’s staying with a friend, Lisa Goldman, who’s writing about his visit from her perspective. In English.

(and I’m realizing that I don’t really have a good category for this post. I’m thinking of setting up one called “Citizen Journalism” but it seems so… so… stilted, and it takes a side in the “well, is it citizen journalism or something else?” so I’d prefer not to use it. Or how about “Crossing Cultures” or .. well, I don’t know. Got any ideas?)