I’m having some MarsEdit problems with ExpressionEngine. Upgraded both (MarsEdit to 1.1 EE to 1.4.1). Now I can’t post to my EE site. This is a test to see that I can successfully post to WordPress.

UPDATE: Well, Paul at pMachine is looking into it. He says that I have what he likes to call a “rogue character”. Well. That reminds me of some time nearly six years (!!!) back when there was concern about dangerous meta characters (from whence dangerousmeta gets its name). Funny. I looked up who was posting about that, and lo, the post I found was written by Brent Simmons (scroll down to CERT section), who so happens to be the author of MarsEdit, which happens to be the app revealing or producing or otherwise a victim of my rogue character. Coincidence? you decide. UP-UPDATE: turns out it was a rogue character at the end of an index.php file. I no longer have a rogue character.