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I’m having some MarsEdit problems with ExpressionEngine. Upgraded both (MarsEdit to 1.1 EE to 1.4.1). Now I can’t post to my EE site. This is a test to see that I can successfully post to WordPress. UPDATE: Well, Paul at pMachine is looking into it. He says that I have what he likes to call […]

WebCollage– images from the web

Got some incoming links from the WebCollage, so I went to check it out. WebCollage is a program that creates collages out of random images found on the Web. More images are being added to the collage about once a minute, so this page will reload itself periodically. Clicking on one of the images in […]

Bio on Roget (of thesaurus)

Am reading the Deal News from (the free version of) Publisher’s Lunch, and was intrigued by news of this book deal: Josh Kendall’s THE MAN WHO MADE LISTS, about Peter Mark Roget, the eccentric genius whose obsession for list-making as a child saved him from the demons of depression and suicide that plagued his family […]

Mars IMAX movie

I heard a snippet of this on the radio the other night. Wait, I think it was covered on Day to Day [link to show excerpt]. Now Emily Lakdawalla at the Plantary Society blog posts about going to the preview. The film opens tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to see those fantastic Pancam panoramas in their […]