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Stardust return, coverage done, the importance of Sample Collection.

Well, I’ve slept (yay) and fixed typos on the press briefing post. Added pix from NASA that I found at JPL’s site. If you want to follow all the coverage since yesterday evening (it spans several posts), start with this post and keep clicking the next post links (pointing to the right liks so ») […]

6:30 Stardust press briefing

That was not enough sleep. (and because I’m gonna go back to sleep after blogging this, I am NOT having coffee or anything like that). (What follows has a ton of typos. I’m doing this on 3 hours of sleep. Now that I’m done with it, I’m going back to bed. I’ll get to the […]

Liveblogging Stardust’s Return

Did I say that I had lots of sleep last night? Well, at 1:23 am, I’m thinkin’ ferget it. I got lots of sleep because I’ve had a cold. Want more sleep. Last night’s sleep is all used up. Doc M is stretched out on the floor. He says, “Wake me up in 10 minutes.” […]

other crazy people awake at this hour…

include Doug Welch at My Word. He’s got a friend at JPL, and planned ahead to get access to watch NASA-TV on the lab with others from JPL. So he’ll be blogging from an auditorium on the Lab… Von Karman, maybe?

30 minutes until NASA TV coverage begins…

…and my eyelids are feeling heavy. I find myself feeling sleeeepy. Look, I can understand all this middle-of-the-night stuff when Mars rovers are egressing off of their landers, but the return of a spacecraft in the middle of the night?!? Is this just so there can be a nice streak in the sky for the […]