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Making your work space work

Communication Nation: Making your work space work. Discussions of workspaces that work. I’m in post-holiday workspace cleanup (was it ever clean? ever? okay, once.), so this is, well, inspiring. [via Rexblog, again, found it while I was looking up the Bill Gates Vista video] Update: there’s also this Flickr photo pool: Annotated workspaces. Hooray for […]

Rocketboom does CES, as banjos feud

Brilliant editing of images and video from CES by Rocketboom. [via Thomas Hawk, who incidentally, complained on his blog about strongarm tactics of a photo vendor in Brooklyn, PriceRite photo. PriceRite is now history, and the NYTimes tells all, or some.] Oh, and one good CES video deserves another: This video (QT .mov), (hat tip […]

It’s the hat

Abrahamoff, shown in that hat, has been making the rounds. Jon Stewart at The Daily Show attempts to re-dress him so he doesn’t look so gangster-like. LA Observed does a hat-check post. It’s not 1946, but 60 years later, and the general populace does not wear those hats as a rule. When they do, it’s […]