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Printing Digital Photos

My mother will be amazed that so off-the-cuff a remark as the one she made at Thanksgiving (“I don’t care if you got photos of everybody already. I never see the photos you guys take with your digital cameras”) is having a long-lasting effect, but it is. Today I’m trying out the “upload your photos […]

Propeller head

December—thus far—has seen lots of time devoted to a good old fashioned desktop publishing job; I’ve been assisting a design firm here in town to complete a product catalog. (for ceiling fans, hence the title of this post). I worked on an earlier incarnation 2 years ago; we sent it to press around Thanksgiving. So […]

for later research on iPods, iTunes and easy item deletion

So I got a used iPod 3Generation. Did the big battery check (it played for 7 hours 55 minutes under regular circumstances, so I guess it’s okay. Gotta learn what battery indicator means. It’ll run quite some time on “empty battery” status). I’ve been downloading various podcasts. I don’t do automatic syncing between iTunes and […]


Dave Winer mentions on his site… I wrote him this note about it, as I remember when it was first announced (though I haven’t been it too closely) That site was started by the folks at DirectNIC. The Interdictor web site (a live journal site by Michael Barnett, friend of the owner of DirectNIC, […]

In which I type fast, and don’t spell

Dave Winer—who is writing from the New Orleans area right now— posted something about yesterday. Since I followed the doings of “The Interdictor” during and after Katrina, and recalled when DirectNIC set up that site, I wrote a response to him. Quick, dashed-off-like. And he posted it today. Um, I know that a music-phile […]

I shopped in New Orleans today….

…while plunked down in front of my computer at home. My Christmas shopping is helping the New Orleans economy. Check it out: Shop New Orleans, courtesy of Chuck Taggart at Gumbopages.