I Resolve to Go with my Passion

Okay… here’s my list of “as I think of it” New Year’s resolutions. In my earlier post about listing the accomplishments of the old year, I was impressed by Katrina’s 2005 resolution (see comments) to take herself seriously as an actor. She got an acting gig from an audition this year. Congrats! It struck me that a certain set of resolutions are of the drudgery self-discipline sort. Like my always trying and always failing resolution to do that damn David Allen getting things done stuff. Fooey. So this year’s resolutions have none of that crap on it. 2006: I resolve to go with my passion.

  1. Be more of a smartass. Why not?
  2. Gain Weight.
    Come on, who are you kidding? I want to go against the crowd. I guess I’ll gain the weight that the rest of you resolve to lose. Actually, what I mean is gain muscle mass. (geez, what a cop out!) If I lose that other stuff in the process, well, there you are.
  3. Take more walks. More often
  4. Find shoelaces that don’t come untied all the time. (can you tell I wrote this post after coming back from a walk to Trader Joe’s, laces flap flopping and me too lazy or disgusted to tie them yet—sigh—again?)
  5. Go on an adventure. A big one. One that I don’t know about now. It’s not in my plans. But the opportunity will show itself, and I resolve to recognize the call to adventure and to go on it.
  6. Monetize my content. eeeew, sounds so disgusting. But really, I’ve been writing lots of scribbles, partially begun stories, this and that. I resolve to become acquainted and comfortable with a query letter. There, I said it. (whew) That’s a start.
  7. Monetize content, part 2: Sell advertising on this blog, the proceeds of which will go into the “hire a housecleaning service” fund. There. Blogging leads to a cleaner house. Who knew?
  8. Dance more (swing). And get back in the shape where I can go to a 3-4 hour dance and hardly sit out any of the dances, and not worry about chowing down chocolate cookies during the breaks.
  9. Toot my own horn. 2005 was the year of Wrestling With My Inner Bitch. I want 2006 to be the year of my Inner Guru. Self promo without being boring. Self-promo without smarm. Just plain old good “here’s what I’ve done, and here’s what I’m doing, and here’s what I can do.”
  10. November: NanoWriMo: I’ve got a date with 50,000 brand new words, all strung together from my own hand, come fall.
  11. Ship! Launch! Announce! There’s something I’ve been working on, off and on. In 2006 I resolve to Get It Out There.
  12. Paint my downstairs bathroom deep aquamarine. I’ve been wanting to do that for years. 2006 is the year to get high on oil-based paint in a tightly enclosed space.
  13. Create–and post–digital storytelling movies. Try it in a Just Do It fasion, a la Group 101.
  14. Be all talk, no action.
  15. Entertain without becoming completely exhausted beforehand (else I’m unable to string together three sentences together in swift—and coherent—succession.) UPDATE: Via megnut, some good advice here

I may add to these as I think of it, up to and including New Year’s Day.


3 responses to “I Resolve to Go with my Passion”

  1. blivet 2.0

    Susan Has Resolved

    Susan has put up her resolutions for 2006. Others likely have as well. I need to think about wheather or not I will do that. Perhaps a 2005/2006 post…

  2. Jill

    Hurrah! NaNoWriMo! We can be NaNoWriMo buddies and wear matching “I write books” pins. 🙂

    These are wonderful. I’m looking forward to hearing about your yet-to-be-determined adventure.

  3. Katrina

    You may find that #8 will help with #2. I hate “exercise” in the traditional sense–I never had much fun at the gym or in aerobics classes; I even tried yoga for a while but got bored. But in the summer of 2004, I started taking stage combat classes–learning how to perform fights on stage with just about anything (fists, swords, knives, Robin Hood-style quartertstaffs). I’ve been training in that field ever since, taking weekly classes and going to workshops (anywhere from three full days to three full weeks!). My weight has gone up almost ten pounds–but my clothes still fit. It’s all muscle. I can lift nearly half my weight easily now–and I’m only five-foot-six!

    It’s also given me incredible chances to work with theatre and film professionals from across the country and around the world (including Canada, Britain, and Germany, so far). I got to meet and train with Michelle Ladd this summer–she was the motion capture fight director for “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Very cool.

    And some of your resolutions have inspired me to make a list of my own, including (1) finish the book I’m writing; (2) market the creativity classes I’m teaching, so I can teach more, (3) get more acting/directing experience (my goal is to apply for an MFA program in theatre in late 2006/early 2007, to begin the program in fall 2007).

    I look forward to updates in 2006 about the progress of your resolutions!