knowing the grid

I’ve got a map in my head. While driving, I’m always calculating how to get there. Doc M, long a bicycle rider (and therefore in much better physical condition), is somewhere between jealous and admiring of my map-in-head. It’s sorta genetic; all my family has it.

Anyway, I popped over to Heathervescent to see what was what (a wall of sound thing tonight? hm?) and found this story of hers: heathervescent: knowing the grid. On the grid in your head. And on swinging the swings at the Santa Monica pier (!).

2 responses to “knowing the grid”

  1. Diana

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU… phil is in tustin with his new wife…..

  2. Katrina

    I’ve always had an intuitive sense of direction–I didn’t realize how good it was until I was a teenager, driving my mother many places on day trips or overnight trips for the training that she does. While she did her training, I would wander the area, usually without a map–and yet, I could always find my way back. “It’s over there,” I would think, and take one road after another in the general direction I wanted to go until I arrived back in time to pick Mom up.

    Or I could take one look at a map, figure out where I was and where I wanted to be, and then take every correct turn without having to consult the map again. It’s not a true photographic memory–I can’t memorize everything I see–but I do remember visuals very easily and very well.

    Only in Chicago did I get lost, earlier this year. It was as if the compass in my brain refused to function. Maybe it was just nerves associated with the workshop I’d gone there to attend. Maybe it was exhaustion from the long (two-day) drive to get there. But I couldn’t help wondering if there might be some geological reason–maybe something in the rocky earth there that was literally throwing off my inner compass. I’d never felt so disoriented anywhere else!

    It’s an interesting subject to discuss and wonder about, at the very least.