Three months later

Today is Katrina + 3 months. There’s so much more I could say here, but I don’t have a ton of time (it’d involve looking at various web sites focused on life along the Gulf, and New Orleans).

I gotta skedaddle soon; I’m going to attend a meeting tonight, a Katrina-inspired meeting, put on by my city’s Fire Department. It’s the Disaster Prep meeting. Emergency Action Training or something like that.

It’s not posted promiently on the city’s web site, wasn’t on the Fire Department’s Home Page, wasn’t printed in the community calendar that came in the mail recently. But it is there (buried) in a pdf document linked to from the city’s home page. How do I know about it? I was told by the Fire Dept Emergency Action coordinator last month after a special city meeting re: Disaster Prep. (I took copious notes and have yet to blog those. But I will, I will.) I think that the city relies too heavily on publicizing important things to the citizenry via the local city cable channel. I’ve no cable, no TV, so that method no workie for me. The ball’s in my court to blog info re: last month’s meeting, and this one, and I hope I can help highlight ways Monrovia can be a little more transparent with timely information on its web site.