MarsEdit for Expression Engine

Been trying out MarsEdit to attempt some streamlined weblog posting using an Expression Engine (EE) site. I can totally appreciate when Brent Simmons says that MarsEdit –a writing app– is more complex than NetNewsWire (a reading app).

Two very helpful places to look to get MarsEdit running with an Expression Engine site: EEWiki for MarsEdit and Ecto, and this discussion thread which underscores that you need to select the “Movable Type” API within MarsEdit, and then how to change things in the EE control panel to map the different entry fields (summary, body, extended) to the Movable Type ones you’ll find in MarsEdit (hint: EE’s Summary = MT’s Excerpt).

Having figured that out, I now wish to re-order the entry fields in MarsEdit so that Excerpt, or Summary, appears first.

Yikes! Brent Simmons gets to deal with tons of different “hey, make it work more comfortably for me, please” requests for every weblog tool out there.

2 responses to “MarsEdit for Expression Engine”

  1. Brent Simmons

    Hi Susan!

    I added a feature request to make it so you can rename and re-order the body, extended, excerpt, and keywords fields. I can say it won’t be in the next release (which will be 1.1), but we’ll consider it for a post-1.1 release.

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    Well, cool then! Thanks for stopping by, and for puttin’ it on the feature request list!