Bye bye, (free) editthispage!

Just as comes up on its 6 year anniversary on December 5 or 6 (my 6 year anniversary of blogging dates from that time), I read a rumor at Hal’s site that sites are going down soon. The comment thread there reveals that the notice is given to the managing editor upon login.

Userland has graciously continued to host my old old old (which prominently tells people to go to this address) ever since I migrated off of it in the Summer, 2001. So I logged into the old site to see what the notice was. And this was what I saw (well, it was slightly larger):

editthispage hosting notice

The same thing is going to happen to, but as of December 31, 2005.

Weblogger has a better price for basic hosting: $79/year, vs. Userland’s $99/year.

Anyone who’s trying to migrate out of Manila and to something else, I invite you read posts in the migration category. (go to bottom, scroll up). It’s my own documentation of how I lost a month trying to migrate my Manila site to a form I could use. I gave up on the Userland alleged “migration” tools. Jason Levine is the one who managed to help me get my data out of the Manila root file and into a form I could import into WordPress. He’s got a page discussing how that now he’s got documented instructions for how to do it. I also happen to know that Erin Clerico at Weblogger has also been working on some migration tools/scripts/something for extracting Manila site data in order to convert it to another form.

UPDATE: I see that Cecil of We’re Hosed has a script and instructions in order to do the conversion.

4 responses to “Bye bye, (free) editthispage!”

  1. Katrina

    I couldn’t get the Userland “migration” tools to work, either. So I came up with a rudimentary solution–I used the option-click feature on my Mac (option-click on a link to download the file referenced by the link–works in Explorer or Safari) to download every page and posting on my sites (I had five ETP sites). It took a couple of days–but at least I have everything now.

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    Katrina, OUCH! That is painful. I read of others who got Lawrence Lee to help ’em out. Have no idea what’s up with that— “Here, we’re kicking you out” and then the tools that we’re providing you don’t work.

  3. brian armitage

    this seems as good a place as any to say that the userland decision rankles somewhat, especially when you remember this:$19

    all hinges on the word ‘indefinite’, eh?

    thanks for the helpful pointers…

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