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Bye bye, (free) editthispage!

Just as comes up on its 6 year anniversary on December 5 or 6 (my 6 year anniversary of blogging dates from that time), I read a rumor at Hal’s site that sites are going down soon. The comment thread there reveals that the notice is given to the managing editor upon login. […]

One Full Mars Year

Just noticed this November 22 news item: Spirit has been on Mars for a year. A Martian year. Which is nearly 2 Earth years. Spirit Marks One Year on Mars (One Martian Year, that is) [via NASA Watch] ‘Spirit, the untiring robotic ‘wonder child’ sent by NASA to explore the eerily earthlike fourth planet from […]

MarsEdit for Expression Engine

Been trying out MarsEdit to attempt some streamlined weblog posting using an Expression Engine (EE) site. I can totally appreciate when Brent Simmons says that MarsEdit –a writing app– is more complex than NetNewsWire (a reading app). Two very helpful places to look to get MarsEdit running with an Expression Engine site: EEWiki for MarsEdit […]

Color Palette Generator

Generate a color palette from an image—one you upload to the site, or ones already there: Color Palette Generator