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Email Migration, Part 2

A while ago (before I got sick with a bad cold), I wrote a “notes to self” post when I was tryin’ to migrate email boxes from the Unix mailbox (.mbox) format into a form that Microsoft Office/Exchange (.pst) could handle, since I was handing off the email administration for a web design client. I […]

Car Cooking

Birdie has a story about car food. That is, foil-wrapped raw food that’s cooked in the engine compartment of a car, while driving. The wild thing, the whole car food thing wasn’t her idea. It was her son’s. Read it! Part 1, part 2.

Expanding your blog reading

Yesterday I was thinking that I’d like to just go and find some stories and link to them and make my own little “Carnival of the… ” [and what about the carnival of all the people you met at the Portable Media Expo, eh? –ed Yes, yes, I have a half-composed post about that –S […]

I did it. I Frapperized myself. Won’t you frappr too?

Here’s a Frappr map for 2020 Hindsight. Please go and add yourself. (I’ll add a picture, too, but I’m gettin’ a haircut tomorrow, so it’ll hafta wait until then.)