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Arnold Debates Himself

You’ve heard the chatter about the video where Arnold Debates Himself. Now just go there and view it. 🙂

Traffic Jams

The physics of fluid flow and turbulence meets human behavior and mob mentality. Or something like that. LA Observed notes two traffic-jam items. An explano-graphic detailing how traffic gets snarled, and a traffic simulator, where you can play Sim-Jam or something like that (simulator is German, so cue Kraftwerk playing Autobahn). I don’t know completely, […]

If you could change only one thing…

Kathy Sierra goes from “one thing?! just one?!” to “cut the content in half and keep the course duration the same length” to writing her own lists of Just One Thing. It’s a good list. She asks for Just One Thing contributions in the comments. And gets them. The first and last item in her […]

The only tired I was, was tired of giving in

Bob Ramsey on Rosa Parks, a two-fold remembrance… for himself and for his daughter. Read it. Two teasers: I realized that she was my age when she refused to give up her seat on the bus in 1955. and There is an odd tendency among school age girls which often allows the worst of the […]