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Mac OS X’s drag and drop text: I had no idea

For the past two years that I’ve been using OS X, I thought Apple got rid of drag and drop in Mac OS X. I cursed them for it (ijjits! Didn’t they invent drag n drop?), and used different tools, and got used to the limitations and used copy and paste more often. But Tim […]

River of News aggregators

Dave Winer mentions a River of News aggregator in this post about some Yahoo hooptedoodle that happened last night. More on River of News here. Lisa Williams recently blogged (can’t find post) about finding out why some people think “I’m overwhelmed with the number of feeds” yeah, I am just starting to use an aggregator, […]

Links for Today

Paul Graham: Ideas for Startups Jennifer Warwick: Money Lesson #2: Understand the Equitable Exchange

Egosurf moment

I just checked MyBlogLog to see how people got here and how they left here, and saw that two people found me from a google search for Kitchens. Hm, so I did the search myself. Right now this site is #4 for Kitchens—nope 3 if you don’t count the image search. For a household word. […]

Three months later

Today is Katrina + 3 months. There’s so much more I could say here, but I don’t have a ton of time (it’d involve looking at various web sites focused on life along the Gulf, and New Orleans). I gotta skedaddle soon; I’m going to attend a meeting tonight, a Katrina-inspired meeting, put on by […]

Congratulations to Jill Elizabeth Davis, NanoWriMo Winner!

This is so cool. Jill Elizabeth Davis wrote a 50,000-word novel during the month of November. Which is what NanoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is designed for: Impetus to get out there and write. Shitty First Drafts, as Anne Lamott says. Just get the words written, no matter how crappy. (Um, I’m not privvy to […]