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Last of the Titans to launch tomorrow outta Vandenberg

The last Titan IV Rocket is going to fly in the sky from Vandenberg AFB tomorrow, October 19. It’s a daytime launch, should be visible from the southland if the skies clear. Favorable weather probability 60%. [UPDATE: As of 7pm, the favorable weather probability has been increased to 70%.] Until recently, the launch window was […]

sweet revenge against junk fax spammers (through due process)

So satisfying: A librarian uses his Super-librarian powers against a junk faxer. [via dangerousmeta] I asked that they seize a Cessna 340, a Lexus, and cash assets of the defendant. So the sheriff stamped and stapled and filed and collated the paperwork. Today I found out that they have seized the aircraft the corporation owns […]

One small step for nurse

Home Health Get Wiki Fever. Yay. Al’s been trying to get sensible tech into healthcare where he’s at, and this is one large step for medical-care-kind.

South Asia Quake

South Asia Quake Help is a blog covering the quake in Pakistan. There are two metroblogging sites in Pakistan: Karachi and Lehore. Those wonderful Air Force C-17 cargo planes are bringing in supplies. My brother is on a mission due to fly supplies in. Good.

First Responders are Local, part 3

I’m trying to come up with a think-out-loud list of Pretty Basic Information, a kind of Primer of Blogging In Cases of Emergency. The list answers the question, “What would someone in a medium-sized city government (pop: ~35K), who’s unfamiliar with all this blog-stuff want to know about how blogging and related technologies can be […]

John Fortson gets some press for his one-person show

Glendale News-Press: Surfing to Success. John Fortson is an actor, writer, surfer, and bartender. He’s in my writing workshop, and has been working on his one-person show, Loveswell—an exploration of surfing, life and love and marriage—which opens a week from tonight at the Two Roads Theatre in Studio City. Told through his passion for surfing, […]