Pete’s Pond

I’ve seen it mentioned by others, but finally got a good long gander myself: The WildCamAfrica, at a watering hold in northern Botswana, sponsored by National Geographic. There’s a live RealVideo stream of the spot. The Pete of Pete’s Pond is Pete Le Roux, whose idea of transforming a failed agricultural site into a watering pond, to lure wildlife into the area, and away from a spot where poachers have been killing off the animals.

“We have effectively taken an area that was unsuccessful agricultural land and turned it into a viable wildlife preserve,� says Le Roux as he gazes out on the pond. “That is the most rewarding thing we’ve done here, to see the game come back.�

Last night (8pm Pacific time) I watched the early morning activity at the watering hole. The camera feed changed from black n white to color, and I saw the dawn’s early light more than half a world away. Brian Strauss, techno-graphic expert extraordinaire at the National Geographic (he’s listed in the credits as Technical Advisor), told me that the camera is itself a linux web server, and so you (well, okay, he) can operate it remotely, in a web browser.

It’s nighttime there now, and I’m listening to bird chirps and crickets. And watching a ghosty image of branches and trees at a watering hole shoreline as the camera pans back and forth. It’s an addicting background sound while I’m working at the computer.

One response to “Pete’s Pond”

  1. Jenny

    First time I tuned in I saw:
    a warthog, a croc float by, and an
    elephant taking a bath. I agree
    it is addictive! Wait ’til you
    hear the babboons get upset…
    The audio is as much fun.