WriteGirl: Nothing Held Back

WriteGirl’s new anthology is out this week: Nothing Held Back. Gillian Flaccus of the Associated Press wrote a story about WriteGirl.

The story features 17-year-old Umayam, an American girl of Filipino descent.

In the poem “How Do You Say Dichotomy in Tagalog?” Umayam rails against her father for teasing her about being too “Hollywood” and wonders why he can’t understand that she’s still his daughter despite her American jeans and English slang. Umayam says her father read the poem and finally stopped teasing her. That taught her a lesson about the power of the written word, she says. [Read More]

I found this group at the LA Times Festival of Books last year. WriteGirl is an organization devoted to mentoring teenage girls and helping them develop their skills in writing and creative expression. Each year they publish an anthology of written work. This week, the newest anthology—Nothing Held Back—is released. [$14.95. Paypal. Buy a copy and support WriteGirl!] Anyway, I immediately wanted to participate, but waited until August or so to get on board for the new year, which is just beginning. It’s the 5th season.

I’m hoping to be a mentor, to be paired with a girl. If so, I’ll meet with her weekly and we’ll work on writing. It’s something that the 14-year-old in me wishes she had (now that’s the subject of a blog post all unto itself).

On my ToDo list are some related to WriteGirl… Get fingerprinted and initiate an FBI/DOJ background check.

I’ve been finding out some other things along the way. Such as: L.A. Unified School District’s graduation rate is an appalling 55%. Yikes. Girls who go through the WriteGirl program have all graduated and gone on to college.

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  1. greenLAgirl

    Wow — I had no idea the majority of us actually gratuated! Proud alum of Fairfax High here 🙂