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So long MiniDisc; don’t slam the door on the way out

A post with quite interesting discussion over at Engadget’s portable audio section So long MiniDisc. A minidisc discussion thread points out Sony’s recent corporate activity—or, in this case, inactivity, Sony may be letting the format die.

How-to convert from to Blogrolling

I’ve had it. I just found another interesting blog that I wish to follow (37 days; read the About post for why this blog exists), and I’m thinking, CRAP! there’s NO way I know to add the blog to my list. is dead. Worthless. So, how easy is it to migrate your […]

The Big Moldy

Head over to Looka! to read the account of Chuck’s friend, Mary, about her return to New Orleans to assess the place and clean it up. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 It’s at once better than we hoped, worse than we expected and as bad as we feared. […]During a normal trip […]