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You are browsing the site archives by date. update: It’s STILL BROKEN! still says, “Search has been temporarily disabled.” Yahoo’s message to the world: “We buy web services. Then we break them. We broke this one in August, and it’s still broken at the end of October. Oh, and draw your own conclusions. Because we won’t communicate with our users.”


Last night I went to a CalTech/Vroman’s bookstore event, at Beckman auditorium at CalTech (the round auditorium I call the IceCream Cake building). Dava Sobel was the speaker (Doc M and I have been calling her DAH-vah Sew-BELL. She was introduced last night as DAY-vah SEW-bl. That’ll take some mental adjustment to pronounce her name […]

Rest in Peace, Rosa

Rosa Parks: 1913 — 2005.

Pete’s Pond

I’ve seen it mentioned by others, but finally got a good long gander myself: The WildCamAfrica, at a watering hold in northern Botswana, sponsored by National Geographic. There’s a live RealVideo stream of the spot. The Pete of Pete’s Pond is Pete Le Roux, whose idea of transforming a failed agricultural site into a watering […]

You know you’re not 25 anymore when…

…at the end of a party you hosted, you speak of creaky knees, and rattle your bottle of Glucosamine Sulfate before the last coupla remaining guests, saying, “Want one?” and one of them takes you up on it, saying “Yes!” and “I worked out at the gym three times in the last 4 days.” And […]

WriteGirl: Nothing Held Back

WriteGirl’s new anthology is out this week: Nothing Held Back. Gillian Flaccus of the Associated Press wrote a story about WriteGirl. The story features 17-year-old Umayam, an American girl of Filipino descent. In the poem “How Do You Say Dichotomy in Tagalog?” Umayam rails against her father for teasing her about being too “Hollywood” and […]