Santa Susana Fire news at Ztuff

Hot and clear and crisp where I am. But this morning, driving east from the Pasadena area, I saw smoke clouds in the rear view mirror from the San Fernando Valley.

I checked old posts from the fires a couple of years ago for the blogger out in the Simi Valley who blogged fires in that area. Sure enough, Dave Ely at Ztuffis blogging fires out in the Santa Susana Pass. The last three posts have news of the Conejo Valley/Thousand Oaks area fire news.

Also: Just heard word on the radio that a fire’s broken out in Burbank area. Will update with actual location (Burbank Wildwood Canyon)

LAFD blog says listen to the radio for news. (KFWB, KNX am).

Firefighter Blog has news.

Fire news for Ventura County

Koganuts has two posts with pictures.

xxqtpixie826xx has some fotos

Doc Searls has links, including links to a Flickr image collections.

LAblogs highlights some blogger coverage, too.

Blogger Christopher Heard and family have evacuated the Chatsworth area fire.

I’m still trying to talk to my city’s fire department about having them talk to my homeowners association about diaster prep. I don’t think I’m gonna get a return call soon. But! I just came back from errands, (finally) bought a dozen 1.5-liter-bottles of water. Let’s hear it for disaster preparedness. Next up, Al, and thanks for the weekly reminder posts, backing up my computer.

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