Coffee Talk

Green LA Girl talks about Fair Trade coffee at her series, Coffee Crisis. [via LAist] I try to buy Shade Grown coffee, available at my friendly neighborhood Trader Joe’s. I’ve even blogged it. And I didn’t blog it, but I called family members when I saw that TJ’s carries Cafe Duran, from Panamá! Woo Hoo! The Shade Grown coffees tend to have the Fair Trade stickers on them. Which seems good, those Fair Trade stickers (Green LA Girl covers it in her Coffee Crisis 104 post).

The FT label, according to CSM, is assurance that coffee was grown in shady conditions that bode well for the land and that everyone in the supply chain actually got paid as promised. That little sticker lets consumers drink non-exploitative coffe while keeping their jobs and paying rent and putting coffee on the table for their family and friends. [Read More]

Thanks to this series, I learned more about what goes into the sticker. And even what some of the drawbacks are to getting Fair Trade certification. From the looks of it, there’s more to come, so check it out and then check back later for more.

3 responses to “Coffee Talk”

  1. greenLAgirl

    I’m so flattered and happy to find one more person who cares about fair trade coffee that I can’t help from commenting — on myself…

    More seriously, thanks for stopping by. And a new initiative will launch soon that could involve bloggers around the nation — Hope you’ll get involved!

  2. Aunt Beep

    I’m addicted – ADDICTED! – to Cafe Duran from Trader Joes. 🙂

  3. Susan A. Kitchens

    greenLAgirl, glad you came by. My awareness came from visiting Panamá, the next-door-neighbor country to the big Central American coffee grower, Costa Rica. I don’t recall the exact moment it hit me, but the sentence that struck home had “shade grown coffee” “no-slash-and-burn” in it. It’s a sentence that makes me smile. It’s a sentence that makes my shoulders unscrunch. It’s a welcome sentence. I can buy something knowing that things go well on the other end, where these beans were grown.

    Aunt Beep… how cool to meet another fan of Cafe Duran! I went back to the start of the posts I made of my Panamá trip, for my brother’s wedding (my sister-in-law is from Panamá). The trip descriptions don’t have Cafe Duran in them, but we drank it every day. Coffee grounds boiled in the saucepan with the coffee and carefully poured into the cup. You let any grounds settle to the bottom of your cup. Now… it’s a TJ’s thing. In fact, a pot of coffee calls out to be made right now.