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Whee! ooh! Aaah! Pretty!

T plus 45 minutes and uploading. We parked near the east entrance to JPL. There was a clear view to the west, well, except for some low-lying clouds. But Doc M told me of a conversation with someone who said that this spot would be good… “Launch from Vandenberg? You can’t miss it!” Doc M […]

T-minus 1 hour and counting

The launch from Vandenberg is in an hour’s time. I’m getting the camera and the lens and the binoculars and all that stuff and getting to a foothillish place above the general skyline so I can see northwest without obstructions.

A brief, single, weak shake

My home is ultra-sensitive to them. Townhouse with garage/firstfloor/second floor. So I feel the swaying, which in this case was a single sway. A 4.0 quake a ways away. Nope, a 4.9. Did you feel it? Map. It’s near Bakersfield.

Discardia: What is it?

The new holiday for people who have too much. Discardia: What is it? [via Lisa Williams who saw it at Rebecca’s Pocket]. It takes place between the equinox (er, that’d be today!) and the next new moon. Which looks to be the 3rd of October. Ooh! lookie! A Discadia calendar.

SoCal: Let’s do launch!

UPDATE: see launch photos A coupla days ago, I mentioned a dusk launch from Vandenberg AFB. It’s this evening. 7:24 p.m. Just after sunset. The weather is clear in early evening, turning to partly cloudy later. Good viewing. What makes good viewing conditions? Sun has set, but not for long. So the sky is still […]