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Houston, we have a problem – Mission Control shuts for Rita; Russians take ISS reins. Houston is doing backups, coverups, and flying their T-38s out of there. Lotsa JSC workers live in Galveston County where battening down is in progress. Kennedy Space Center in Florida got damaged by the triple whammy last year. Michoud and Stennis in LA and […]

Homesick for the deeply dysfunctional

I continue to enjy Abram Himelstein’s In Exile blog. He and a couple of his students address the question, “How do we commit to living in a place that is not our home?” The latest entry: One eye on Houston, the other on New Orleans Ashley is doing what many of us from New Orleans […]

Hurricane watching: Rita will be Cat 5

According to Steve Gregory at The Weather Underground, Rita’s going to hit Category 5. A RECON just arrived – and found a central pressure of 934MB [millibars, the lower the number the stronger the storm], with a MAX sustained Flight level wind of 137kts [knots, nautical miles] in the east quadrant, implying a surface sustained […]