Cadaver of Events

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Last night I glanced at some brochure on my boyfriend’s coffee table. There, was something in some fancy script writing. It said, “Cadaver of Events.”

Oh, I thought, that part of my brain that follows up events a little later. That was Calendar of Events. But that Sigmund Freud guy had some things right. What I thought I’d read is closer to the truth.

Because this here blog has been stuck somewhere between August 7 and 8. 1945. In the circumstances that are a cadaver of events.

I’ve been totally. and. completely. stuck. in the completion of a story about the total destruction of not one, but two cities. Sixty years ago. Reading stories of all infrastructure shot, communications down. Which, right after hurricane Katrina, sounds mighty familiar.

And I had one city to go. Let’s see.. while remembering it 60 years ago, shall I continue on with the (it’s gotten harder and harder now) prospect of writing the words to describe the destruction of Nagasaki and the surrender of Japan?

A week ago, I was gearing myself up to it when I found a news story about Katrina heading north, and then Brendan Loy’s website, and tho I’ve not written at all this week, I’ve been on the web. I’ve read and read and read and read.

Not 60 years ago, but right now, a cadaver of events.

And when it comes to anything I’ve been able to do, whatever work I’ve done or items crossed off, well, it’s been much less than usual. If what I wanted to get done could be some “events,” they could be called a cadaver of events.

So I’m switching the blog back to its old theme. I’ll try to make the 1945 theme show up in the 1945 category. And I guess I can go back and fill things in on the 1945 part. (My big ol’ pile of library books are due tomorrow. sigh) But it’s gotten to the point where *I* am the one surrendering. This little side-jag has taken over and utterly replaced the (ahem) real work that needs doing.

I’m kind of out of practice of normal blogging, have enjoyed the break, because it’s a time to reconsider how I want to blog, going forward. So I’ll prolly continue in a blog-silence way. Once I have listed all the essential (to me) websites where I’ve been getting information for this last week.

Aaah. Good, I don’t have to reinvent the link-list wheel. Here are two places with link-lists: Terry Teachout’s List of Links and Brendan Loy’s Katrina Wiki with link Lists

(though I’ll add Looka to the mix, since he’s a N.O. native local to these parts, and one of the first people I thought of when all this began.)

4 responses to “Cadaver of Events”

  1. coturnix
  2. David Fecich

    I thought you did a great job with an abreviated history of the A-Bomb. I have read several of the books you researched, and I also added some comments for extra reading. Hellova job!

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