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1945: Loading the bomb

Little Boy is winched onto a dolly, covered with a tarp, and walked from its holding area to its final ground destination: A loading pit equipped with a hydraulic lift. After transferring the bomb from dolly to lift, the bomb is lowered into the pit with a controlled hydraulic hiss. The ground crews tow the […]

1945: Busiest Day of My Life

Lieutenant Jacob Beser, radar countermeasurer operator, describes some of the bizillion things on the Preparation To Do list. All of support sections, Engineering, Communications, Radar, Countermeasures, Armament, Photo, and even Consolidated Mess were bee hives of activity. Nine airplanes had to be ready. Airplanes needed vast quantities of fuel. Guns had to be tested and […]

1945: Groves receives cable: Good to go

General Groves describes the cable he receives Saturday, August 4 (Washington time) from General Farrell in the Pacific: “Weather prediction [is] favorable for our operations, and…if it [remains] so the plane [will] take off on Sunday at approximately noon [Washington time].”