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1945: Fat Man explosives arrive

The three cargo planes from New Mexico containing three sets of Fat Man bomb-type explosives arrive on Tinian Island. In the same way that the Trinity test had two sets of gadgets—one with just explosives and lacking a fissile core, and the Trinity Plutonium implosion bomb with the fissile material, the team of scientists and […]

1945: Plane spotting

The Indianapolis had been headed for Leyte in the Philippines. A little over four days since the cruiser was torpedoed, no one —no one—at the port of Leyte has even missed the fact that it has not. yet. shown. up. Finally! On Thursday, August 2 in the morning, a Navy plane flying over the Philippine […]

1945: Potsdam conference comes to close

The final haggling over the last couple of days comes to a conclusion in the final session of Potsdam, 10:40 pm August 1. The final dealings (Germany’s post-war fate: to be divided) draw to a close, and last minute nit-pickings give way to words of appreciation and congratulation among fellow delegates and their foreign ministers. […]