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1945: Bloody Monday in the Philippine Sea

The Japanese submarine commander, Hashimoto, together with his crew, “[celebrate] our haul of the previous day with our favorite rice with beans, boiled eels, and corned beef (all of it tinned).” . . . . . Meanwhile, at the site above where the Indianapolis went down, the scent of blood in the water attracts a […]

1945: On the water above where Indianapolis went down

It’s Monday morning. The wind has died. During the night, a current separated the captain’s small liferaft floatilla from the groups of swimmers. They are too far apart to discover the others. Around fifty men did not survive the night. Their fellows remove their life jackets and let them sink into the depths. The sun […]

1945: Indianapolis goes down

The Indianapolis, bound for Leyte in the Philipines, is in the Philipine Sea near midnight when a Japanese submarine I-58 discovers them and mistakes the cruiser for a battleship. The commander of the submarine, Mochitsura Hashimoto, looks through the periscope and scans the horizon. There’s nothing else there. The Indianapolis is unescorted (at this point […]