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1945: Indianapolis Arrives at Tinian

The cruiser Indianapolis, which left San Francisco on the 16, arrives at Tinian and unloads her cargo: The Little Boy (Uranium) bomb’s gun assembly and the Uranium “bullet.” Once the Indianapolis unloads, she heads out to sea again. Her destination: Philipines.

1945: Stimson leaves Potdam

Secretary of War Stimson leaves Potsdam for Washington. He came to Europe by ship, but presumably returns by air, because his diary takes up a couple of days later in Washington, rather than a week later.

1945: Approval to bomb (sans HST signature)

Remember that directive that Groves drafted? The one to General Carl Spaatz describing the delivery of the first special bomb, and hitting the targets on the following list? it was sent to Marshall [eyes only], who with Stimson approved it. Here’s how Rhodes describes it: Marshall and Stimson approved the directive at Potsdam and presumably […]

1945: Truman’s diary about bomb

Truman’s diary reflects his understanding of what the bomb is and how it will be used. July 25 1945 We have discovered the most terrible bomb in the history of the world. It may be the fire destruction prophesied in the Euphrates Valley Era, after Noah and his fabulous Ark. Anyway we “think” we have […]

1945: Potsdam Interruptus

Churchill leaves Potsdam for home. The national election vote tally is due to be completed and results announced tomorrow, the 26th. Churchill’s election opponent is one Clement Attlee (who’s been present at Potsdam as part of the British delegation; Churchill invited him in case—perish the thought—he won election and would have to take over). Before […]