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1945: Groves to Marshall on Operations

Groves prepares a memo for General Marshall at Potsdam for final approval. The two-page long plan contains the following information: Date of first bombing between August 1 and 10 (as soon as the bomb could be assembled, and weather was clear for “visual” bombing) Probable readiness of implosion bomb. Minimum time gap between one bomb […]

1945: Stalin and Molotov

Stalin’s polite and unquestioning response to Truman is a ruse. His spies have briefed him about the American effort, so he knows far more than he lets on. (Though he knows of plans for a test, he does not yet know the results of that test.) Back at his quarters, he tells about this conversation […]

1945: Backstory

There are two threads that I have not been weaving into this story. It’s not an intentional omission. The amount of detail about the atomic bomb is so vast that I haven’t been able to get to it all. Plus… I’ve been finding out new things as I go, and I find them out after […]

1945: Truman and Stalin

This conversation’s been at the back of Truman’s mind for about a week now, ever since he learned of the results of the atomic bomb test in New Mexico. After the chiefs of staff met (the Generals of Army, Navy and Air Forces of the Big Three nations) and discussed troop strength (including this: Soviet […]

1945: Plans received

Stimson visits Truman’s residence with news from the previous day’s cables: The first atomic bomb can be dropped as of August 3 or thereabouts. Truman: Excellent. That news fits perfectly with plans for the Ultimatum. I just sent a draft of it to Chiang Kai-Shek, when I get word back, then we’ll send out the […]