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1945: Stimson cables Harrison

Secretary of War Stimson cables his liason officer back in Washington D.C., inquiring after the readiness of the first atomic bomb. He also asks for a target list “always excluding the particular place against which I have decided. My decision has been confirmed by highest authority.” The “particular place” is Kyoto. Sometime in the sharing […]

1945: Strategy meeting

Truman meets with his advisors. to go over the Groves report and what it means for the war on Japan. Present: Byrnes, Joint Chiefs (including George Marshall for the Army and Hap Arnold for the Air Force) and Stimson.* Agenda: What to do with this information from Groves about the bomb and how do we […]

1945: Stimson shows report to Churchill

Stimson made an unsuccessful attempt yesterday to show Churchill the report; today he succeeds. Churchill’s response to General Groves’ report on the bomb test: “Stimson, what was gunpowder? Trivial. What was electricity? Meaningless. This atomic bomb is the Second Coming in Wrath. [Now I know] what happened to Truman….I couldn’t understand it. When he got […]