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1945: Calculations… of destruction

Work at Los Alamos has been continuing at its normal feverish pace. William Penney, working with blast measurement data, held a seminar to discuss the effects of the blast (Penney’s working on behalf of the Target Committee). Philip Morrison attend the meeting. Here are his notes: He applied his calculations. He predicted that this [weapon] […]

1945: Pepped up, hard lined, but no moves

Truman, “pepped up” by the news of the Trinity test, attends the Heads of State meeting. The subject: Poland’s borders. And Germany. Blah blah blah: Old Portions of Germany to become part of the New Poland. What does that mean for the new Germany, divided into four, jointly administered by the four powers? Poland’s not […]

1945: Harrison cable to Stimson

Harrison, in Washington, sends a cable to Stimson: All your local military advisors engaged in preparation definitely favor your pet city. [Send alert by July 25] if any change in plans [since] patient progressing rapidly The “patient” is, of course, the first bomb being readied for deployment, with the second one to quickly follow. (The […]

1945: Stimson reads report to Truman

The courier plane arrives from the U.S. General Groves’s report on the atomic bomb test reaches Stimson, Secretary of War, in Potsdam at 11:30. What with one thing and another, it’s 3:30 in the afternoon before Stimson meets with Truman and Byrnes to read them the report. Stimson is the bearer of incredible news, described […]