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2005: Back from Trinity trip

I’m back from my trip to the 60th anniversary open house at the Trinity test site on the grounds of White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. I recorded an audio tour, and am currently transferring it to computer and working with it to make some MP3 files for download. There’s some good stuff there: […]

1945: Groves writes his report

Groves, taking Harrison’s advice, works late into the evening writing up a report of the test. He places a call “holding” the courier plane (due to depart at 0200 on July 19 for Europe) until the report is ready. He writes the first paragraph to set the tone, and sets General Farrell to the task […]

1945: Conferring in Potsdam

Meetings, meetings. The Foreign Ministers (Secretary of State James Byrnes for America, Mr. Molotov for Russia, and Mr. Eden for Britain) meet on late morning of the 18th to discuss matters in Europe. How to deal with Germany (to be divided into four areas, each one to be administered by Russia, America, England, and France, […]

1945: Truman calls on Stalin

Truman (with entourage) returns the courtesy call that Stalin paid on Truman the previous day. <aside>I love this stately language—courtesy call—it’s part of the drawing room etiquette in the 18th century England of Jane Austen, where Mr Bennet pays a call upon Mr Bingley (in order to introduce his daughters into the acquaintance of a […]

1945: Truman dines with Churchill

President Truman (and entourage) drive up to Churchill’s lodgings. Entourage dines with Churchill’s assistant, while the President and Prime Minister dine alone. Truman shows Churchill both cables about the bomb test. Churchill delighted. Truman asks, What shall I tell Stalin? Mee: He was not thinking, as Stimson was, of telling the Russians as a matter […]