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1945: Potsdam Conference, Day 1

The Potsdam conference began at 5 pm local time. Agenda for discussions are proposed. Truman’s agenda has primarily to do with Europe: what to do with Germany, Russia’s bad policy in eastern Europe, What to do in Italy and the establishment of a Council of Foreign Ministers to prepare for a peace conference following the […]

1945: Harrison suggests a full report from Groves

Harrison suggest to Groves to send a full report to Potsdam by courier. I agreed, for I realized that the cables, because of their guarded brevity, had not given Mr. Stimson as much information as he might need.

1945: Groves back in Washington, cables Potsdam

Groves, along with Vannevar Bush, James Conant, Ernest Lawrence and Richard Tolman, flies to Washington after the test. Groves recalls, They were still upset by what they had seen and could talk of little else. I learned later that the effects of the test on all who had witnessed it, particularly the scientists, were quite […]

1945: Stimson shares the news

Stimson has the “operated on this morning. diagnosis not yet complete” cable. In the morning, he shows it to Jimmy Byrnes, Truman’s Secretary of State. He tries to sell a two-part plan to Byrnes: first, a strong warning to Japanese about the bomb. Second, assurances that they can retain their emperor. Byrnes doesn’t buy either […]