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1945: Dead tired, old parchment

Scientists make their way back to Los Alamos. Their exhaustion is apparent to those who greet them on their return. Laura Fermi, seeing her husband, notices that “he [seems] shrunken and aged, made of old parchment, so entirely dried out and browned was he by the desert sun and exhausted by the ordeal.” Fermi is […]

1945: The day before Potsdam Conference begins

Truman (the new President who took office upon the death of Roosevelt in April of 1945) meets Churchill for the first time on the 16th, midday (early morning, New Mexico time). One item on the agenda at Potsdam is how to win the war against Japan. Does America go it alone, or do Britain and […]

1945: Staying on Message

Groves has pre-arranged for a press release to go out of the local air base. He’d appointed a man named Parish to be point man at the nearby Alamagordo Army Air Base to see to it that flights from the base were grounded during the test, and to attend to the matter of the press […]

1945: Following the Fallout

On the ground: Medical personnel team—led by Stafford Warren and Louis Hempelmann— follows the cloud, on the ground, and takes readings of areas surrounding the Jornada del Muerto. They are equipped with geiger counters, and take periodic readings as they go. The radioactive cloud split into three parts within about fifteen minutes. The lower section […]

1945: 2005 intervenes. The present-day Trinity site

I’m asleep at the keyboard, writing in Socorro, New Mexico (current time: 2:20am). I’m too tired to continue the post-by-post part for the moment, so I’ll do a “recap” later and describe the other things that happened today. (UPDATE: July 16 11:23 pm. uh, I thought I’d be doing this sometime after coming back from […]

1945: Indianapolis underway

The Cruiser ship Indianapolis—with most of the Uranium atom bomb pieces aboard— leaves San Francisco for the far reaches of the Pacific. The only untoward incident during the voyage grew out of the fact that Furman and Nolan were traveling in the guise of field artillerymen, which led to some very searching and embarrassing questions […]