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1945: Weather update

Weather: If these winds hold, the shelter at N 10,000 will bear brunt of radioactive debris.

1945: The Arming Party

The arming party— Bainbridge, Kistiakowsky, Jospeh McKibben (Mr. Countdown), Hubbard n crew, and two security men — arrives at Zero to prepare the shot. Bainbridge: On the way in, I stopped at S-10,000 and locked the main sequence timing switches. Pocketing the key I returned to the car and continued to Point Zero. Donald Hornig […]

1945: Scuttlebutt, Speculation, and Wagers

The Manhattan Project has been an unparalleled collection of the most brilliant minds gathered in one place, working together for these last two years. They’ve reached this point by rigorous give-and-take (“No, you’re wrong, and I’ll tell you why. You see, a nucleus…” “No, no, no, it doesn’t work that way. What really happens is…”) […]

1945: Latest Weather Report

Jack Hubbard’s weather instrument readings signal a change: The stagnant period is ending. Instead of stagnation, there’s an incoming violent weather trough.

1945: One last visit

Oppenheimer climbs up the tower to perform his final inspection of the bomb. At dusk the tired laboratory director was calm. He stood with Cyril Smith beside the reservoir at McDonald Ranch where cattle had watered and spoke of families and home, even of philosophy, and Smith found himself smoothed. A storm was blowing up. […]

1945: Weather conference, part 3

Groves and Oppenheimer return from private discussion to full conference. The final decision for go/no go is postponed until after 2 AM weather check and report.