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1945: Installation of the detonators

It’s unclear exactly when the detonators were installed… after the gadget arrived at the top of the tower, for sure. Szasz says late into the night of the 15th, but that does not account for these pictures (2nd one, especially), taken in daytime, of the gadget armed and ready to go. So I think he […]

1945: Visitors gather in Albuquerque

Saturday night. The test is to happen tomorrow night. Well, technically, in the morning, in the wee hours. Let’s just call it tomorrow night. People have come to New Mexico to view the test. A reception at a hotel in Albuquerque welcomes the visitors: Generals, Nobel laureates, VIPs. Joseph Hirschfelder, physical chemist from Los Alamos, […]

1945: Memo: 14 July 1700 hours

Trinity Test Procedure Memo: 14 July 1700 hours. Gadget complete. Should we have the chaplain here? (Procedure memo written before the events themselves transpire. So actual events differ slightly)

1945: Gadget Now Aloft

The Gadget makes it up to the top of the tower. It rises through an opening in the floor, and the floor panel set back in place. The two sargeants working at the top of the tower then position the gadget, rotating it 90-degrees from the up-and-down assembly position to the left-and-right position… matching the […]

1945: Creutz (dummy) test results

The second high-explosive sphere, the Creutz copy, stayed in Los Alamos for a test. (It’s called the Creutz copy after Edward Creutz, the physicist directing the test.) They fire the copy, and measured whether all the firing circuits went off at the same time. The magnetic measurements they collect bear bad tidings: Circuits fired at […]

1945: (most of) Little Boy leaves for the Pacific

While all the efforts surround the test of the plutonium bomb, the other bomb—uranium bomb—begins its trip from New Mexico to the far Pacific. A convoy leaves Santa Fe for Albuquerque. A closed black truck and seven cars with security agents. From Kirtland Air Force Base, a plane flies the cargo to Hamilton Field, near […]